Services for Families

Do you need help ensuring that your child is able to get the best educational programs and services available? I can help.

I advocate for families to help ensure that their special needs children receive the best educational programs and services available. My services for families include:


Assess Educational Situations

After meeting with a family, I am available to:

  • Observe children in current school programs,
  • Visit and evaluate alternative or proposed educational placements, and
  • Interpret assessments as needed.

Develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

In consultation with the family and educators, I can:

  • Synthesize developmental history, interpret previous and current evaluations, review school history and evaluate information necessary to formulate educational recommendations,
  • Prepare original draft IEPs for parents and educators,
  • Critique and provide input into existing IEPs,
  • Develop 504 plans, and
  • Recommend educational programs and appropriate teaching techniques to best meet a child’s needs.

Case Management

I serve as an effective case manager and liaison to ensure ongoing communication between the family, school personnel and outside professional staff. I can:

  • Provide parents with a single point of contact to facilitate inquiries and timely responses from multiple individuals involved in a child’s case,
  • Negotiate the complex special education maze, and
  • Refer family to appropriate professionals for additional services.

Parent Advocacy Training

I am available to:

  • Explain assessments, evaluations, and reports from clinical specialists;
  • Attend school meetings with parents,
  • Negotiate services, programs, and other resources as recommended, and
  • Provide training to parents about education laws, parental rights under IDEA, and effective advocacy techniques.

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