A Year in the Life: Parent Centers in Action Infographic

 A Year in the Life: Parent Centers in Action is a new infographic that shows what parent centers across the country can achieve in just one year. The infographic displays such information as who parent centers are helping, how they help, the languages they use to...

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2018 Conference on Improving Early Childhood Data

Improving Data, Improving Outcomes will be held Aug. 14–16, in Arlington, Virginia. This year's event will focus on the 1) development and enhancement of IDEA Part C and Part B Section 619 data systems and coordinated early childhood data systems; 2) improvement of...

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New Resource for Meaningful Data

The DaSy Center (Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems) has released an interactive new resource, the Data Governance and Management Toolkit. The toolkit contains information and resources to assist IDEA Part C and IDEA Part B, Section 619 (preschool) program...

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